Testimony from Steve M – National Camp 2010 – First Timer!

I’m really glad that I stayed at the camp as God use my coming to camp to shift my focus off myself and on to others and yeah, a massive work was started in my heart. On Sunday night I went up for prayer to receive the Holy Spirit and felt nothing, then asked for prayer for fear, felt nothing, then decided to get someone to take me up to see Pastor Geoff as I knew God would use him to speak into my life – He did just that!
I wanted to be delivered from fear and Pastor Geoff said God’s love will drive out all fear, and then he told me that I have problems with wrong thoughts because it’s in my heart, but God’s perfect love will clean that out too. He prayed for me and I felt Gods touch yet again.
Since I have been back home, I have made some radical changes, I have gotten rid of CD’s that were not really very uplifting, have stopped watching some TV programmes ‘cos they weren’t very uplifting either and am getting into the Word of God! I want ALL God has for me and more!
All in all, God used the camp to start a brand new work in me; He placed in my heart a love for people with disabilities. I have always accepted people for who they are, but have never been around disabled people before. Now, self pity is gone, pity parties are a thing of the past and are gone out of my life too. God is GOOD!!