I have a word from God for you. It is one that Paul spoke to Titus to tell his people and I believe it is good for us as well. Paul said “remind them”. So I am reminding you.
We are to be:

  1. Subject to rulers and authorities. You will know who is in authority over you and we need to give them the respect the Bible instructs us to give them. It saddens me that often we whine about unbelieving authorities because they don’t behave in a Christian manner. Surprise they are not Christians. Our sad protest won’t help them become one. I believe we need to be creative and constructive in our efforts to bring change.
  2. To obey. Jesus in the Great Commandment told the disciples to “teach them to obey”. In judges everyone did that which was right in their own eyes. I see that today. So obedience is a good reminder.
  3. Be ready for every good work. I believe that we need to prepare for every good work. We have an evangelistic event coming with Greg Laurie. Lets prepare and be ready to help and invite someone.
  4. Don’t speak evil of anyone! Full stop enough said.
  5. Be peaceable and gentle. We know what that looks like and we just need to do it. Examine your actions and tones and ask yourself the question.
  6. Show humility. Be a sermon walking. Remember it is God that does the work through us. Give glory to Him.

Blessings Geoff