What is in the Offering?

We have all heard offering calls. This week I had to deal with my own. I had $20 credited to my personal account. That meant I had to tithe $2. But the account it went into charges $2 if you make more than one withdrawal in the month. I just gave $5 from another account.
Then I read this week in First Samuel about Eli’s two sons and how they stole from the offering that which was theirs but they took it in a wrong manner. God killed both of them in the same day and the family was cursed with no atonement for that sin.

God was not really interested in my $2 it was my heart. He was happy to wait until next month. It is not just our finances. We bring an offering of praise and worship to God. That also has to come from a right heart. I got a new insight into how the Lord looks on our offering and the value that He places on it. If it is not right He will let it go for a time. Then He sends a warning as He did with Eli and then if it doesn’t change, suddenly we are destroyed.

When you next give an offering make it a true one. Realise it is important to God. He places a high value on it and it is not to be taken lightly. God bless you as you give.