The 10 Commandments

Monthly Central/West Auckland Joy Ministries service.

How are you getting on remembering them, and which NUMBER goes with which COMMANDMENT? Maybe there is a fun way to remember them – a song, a poem, actions, a story perhaps?

Did you notice that?

That these “Ten Commandments” can be divided into 2 groups – our relationship with GOD – and our relationship with MAN (People). Our relationship with God is up-and-down (vertical), and our relationship with Man (People) is side-to-side (horizontal). And the 2 together form the shape of a Cross.
Jesus summed up “The Ten Commandments” in the same way, didn’t He, in Matthew 22:37-40, when He was asked in v.36, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” He replied: …………….>

Jan Bridgeman

Jan Bridgeman

Do you remember what it was that Jan Bridgeman spoke about in our September service? It was Commandment #8, wasn’t it, “Do not Steal”. We’ll never forget it – as someone dressed up as a robber stole Jan’s handbag, and ran off with it.
We can get used to stealing – such as:

  • Taking a piece of fruit without paying for it
  • Eating a block of chocolate in the fridge that’s not ours
  • Not giving back someone’s pen after borrowing it
  • Turning up late for work
  • Taking extra time for our lunch break
  • Being on Facebook during work time when we are on the computer [unless it’s part of our job]
    – God calls all of these Stealing.

But then Jan made it really personal – bringing it back to Commandment #1 (God wants to be #1 in our lives) – not giving God the best of our day (praying, and thanking Him, and reading the Bible early in the morning), or failing to meet with His people, and keeping the Good News of the Gospel to ourselves. LET’S SEE HOW TO.