I was hooked!

Twenty years ago, as a new Christian, I was asked at my church to attend a CFFD meeting. It was a square dance afternoon and I was intrigued as to how people in wheelchairs would be able to dance like that, so went along. Well, that was it, I was hooked! I started to visit the Centre, go to the meetings, camps and other activities. When I found myself out of work, I volunteered at the Centre. It was a great place to work, everyone was so friendly, helpful and caring. I had a wonderful opportunity to find out more about the Bible, God and a better way of life. I learned that we can all be confident in loving one another, reaching out to others and becoming more Christ-like. I know that while I am not able to come in as often as I used to, I am always welcome, I am still in their prayers and they are in mine.
Chrystal – volunteer