Beyond Disability : The Unique Role of the Church 22nd of May 2014

One in every five New Zealanders has a disability and yet they are underrepresented in many of our churches. How should we respond?

This don’t-miss conference has been designed especially for church leaders, pastors and ministers. Brimming with insightful biblical perspectives and practical ideas,  together we’ll look at ways to create more welcoming, inclusive churches for people with disabilities.

If you’ve longed for the Church in New Zealand to put faith and ethics into action, to be more relevant to the needs of the community, and to bring hope where it’s needed most, this is for you. Whether you’re starting on the journey or some way down the track, you’ll leave with a coherent theology and valuable resources to include more people with disabilities in the rich tapestry of church life.

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Proudly brought to you by ELEVATE Christian Disability Trust in partnership with Laidlaw College.

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