August Newsletter

rainHi to one and all, we hope that you are all in good health and staying warm, we have had some very chilly nights down to -5 degrees and lots of rain. This gratefully has not deterred everyone from coming out in the cold to celebrate Jesus and have some great fellowship.

There was lots of sharing from new recipes in cook books that some are developing through our local Ideal Services Day base to getting a new tablet and spending the afternoon photographing everyone.

Please pray for those that are suffering from winter and general illness, praise God we have been  spared most of it in our house.

Communion again was about who and what communion stands for, while story time was firstly a skit about building King David’s Palace and how he could not do it alone and needed not only God’s help but the help of others. This was a lesson in sharing our talents and gifts that God has given us all and how he uses us to use them everyday in some special way.

We learnt a new song today which I have posted and has a very easy tune.


We ask God  to bless  you all, and will sign off for now

God Bless

Wairarapa Joy Ministries Team