Meeting this Friday AND Camp

We have a bible study (which is also very social) every second Friday morning. It has been held at 69 Sandwich Rd but we are thinking we are going to outgrow your house Marc and Bex!

We will move to Matti, Cathy, Karen, David and Pip (new flattie)’s house for this Friday 11am.

Thank you Marc and Bex, Roger and Richard for your hospitality the last few months. (And please thank Mike for us – great drink maker!)

Friday 15th July
95 Sandwich Rd

Please bring healthy snacks if bringing something.

This Friday’s meeting will be more of an opportunity for our OT students Maree and Sam to talk with us about their project in preparation for this year’s Elevate National Camp and HOW WE CAN HELP.

Elevate National CAMP 21-23 October (Labour weekend) at Totara Springs. Please refer to the link below for more information.

There will be subsidies for camp available from our fundraising last year. Please let me know soon if you would like to attend camp so we can work out the subsidies we can give.

We are working on providing transport to camp too.

Registrations now open. Let Heather Major know if you want a hard copy of the camp registration form.

Annette and Monique will let us know of any fundraising we might do between now and camp.