Meetings 2016

Sharon Reynolds creating her art work.

Margaret Palmer-Healey contributing to the group painting.

Kevin Falconer, Carille Hughes, Ian Butcher contributing

Philip Haythornthwaite and Carille Hughes

The work progresses

Sharon painting

We were privileged to have Sharon Reynolds at our August meeting (13th). Sharon is an artist and while Dave was speaking she painted an amazing picture. She also had a canvas prepared to which everyone was able to contribute. At the next meeting in October Dave brought in the finished pictures for everyone to see.

The finished paintings from the previous meeting

Dave Palmer speaking

Rowena and Robin with their poster

Group work making posters

Rhonda, Ian, and Phillip

Michael, Brenda, Thelsia, and Clynton

October meeting: we met at Papanui Baptist, an amazing venue. Once again Liz ran an activity where we divided into groups and made Christmas posters. A very popular activity, everyone participated with zest and enthusiasm. Thanks Liz.