The Anchor: Jenny Hook’s poetry book

The Anchor book's front coverIf you meet someone on the streets of Auckland handing out free poetry books, it is a good chance that you have met Jenny Hook. The once long-serving volunteer at the Drop-In Centre in Onehunga (2004-2017), the CFFD Auckland Camp and National Camp has published her first book, The Anchor.

“God will do the distribution. I just had 250 copies printed, and I hand them out. Some copies even went overseas. God will lead who will receive a copy, as it is His book. My poems are a way to communicate the gospel message,” says Jenny, who currently volunteers at Pinehill Primary School and leads a Friday morning Bible study group.

The Encourager

Sometimes it does take a bit longer for received gifts to become public for everyone to see. Jenny wrote poems in the nineties, but only published them this year. She talks about her book with a smile, but the content of her poems is deep and personal. The writing started when Jenny was a 21-year-old student at Lifeway College in Snells Beach and was encouraged to use her writing skills.

“I had a difficult time before. I was bullied at school. I was lonely and withdrawn and felt sorry for myself. Poetry gave me the option to reflect on those feelings and bring it back to God. A blank page is a great way to start talking with God. I always loved writing, encouraged perhaps by my Dad who wrote little, funny poems. Being at Bible school was my first time away from home, so my poems helped me to live my life outside the comforts of home.

“My favourite poem in the book is ‘The Anchor’. That poem is about eternal life, which is a great thought for anyone in a miserable position. Jesus is my anchor. The harder life was, the more reason to hold on to Jesus. But remember, the poems were written when I was that person. I am better now. I added a new poem, ‘The Exchange’, to reflect that.”

By Onne Hiemstra


Onne Hiemstra used to be Elevate’s accounts person until he moved to Cambridge, Waikato. Onne volunteers at Waikato CFFD events and serves on the National Camp committee. He has a great sense of humour and always keen for a chat or to provide a helping hand.


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