Forgiveness is Freedom! ~ Heather Major


‘I – yes, I alone – will blot out your sins for my own sake…” Isaiah 43:25 NLT

In Old Testament days when a man ‘blew it,’ he brought a lamb to the altar as payment for his sins. But notice this: the priest didn’t examine the man, he only examined the lamb. If the lamb met God’s requirements the man was instantly forgiven. That is still how it works! When you fail, you need only approach God and say, ‘Father, I come in the name of Jesus asking for forgiveness.’ In that moment the Father’s focus moves from you to Christ, and you are automatically forgiven. Woah! What an arrangement!

But you need to forgive yourself too. If you don’t, you’re saying God’s forgiveness isn’t good enough. That’s wrong! If a perfect God says he will forgive you, on what grounds do you, an imperfect person, refuse to forgive someone else – or yourself?

‘You get nothing for nothing,’ you say. Nothing? Are you serious? God’s forgiveness is the most expensive thing in the world. It may have cost you nothing, but it cost God everything. Its pride that makes us think that somehow we’ve got to pay, at least in part, for what we’ve done. Yes, there are consequences and correction that build your character – but don’t think that’s what deals with your sin!

So what now? When Jesus cried, ‘It is finished,’ and died, God wrote, ‘paid in full’ across every sin debt you’d ever owe. And you must accept that by faith. Why? Because no more will ever be required, and no less will ever be accepted! Forgive – others and yourself. Be. Set. Free!


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Meeting this Friday AND Camp

We have a bible study (which is also very social) every second Friday morning. It has been held at 69 Sandwich Rd but we are thinking we are going to outgrow your house Marc and Bex!

We will move to Matti, Cathy, Karen, David and Pip (new flattie)’s house for this Friday 11am.

Thank you Marc and Bex, Roger and Richard for your hospitality the last few months. (And please thank Mike for us – great drink maker!)

Friday 15th July
95 Sandwich Rd

Please bring healthy snacks if bringing something.

This Friday’s meeting will be more of an opportunity for our OT students Maree and Sam to talk with us about their project in preparation for this year’s Elevate National Camp and HOW WE CAN HELP.

Elevate National CAMP 21-23 October (Labour weekend) at Totara Springs. Please refer to the link below for more information.

There will be subsidies for camp available from our fundraising last year. Please let me know soon if you would like to attend camp so we can work out the subsidies we can give.

We are working on providing transport to camp too.

Registrations now open. Let Heather Major know if you want a hard copy of the camp registration form.

Annette and Monique will let us know of any fundraising we might do between now and camp.

Potluck Dinner Sunday 7th August

5.30pm at 95 Sandwich Rd

This is not a BBQ but more of a cosy indoor Mid Winter catch-up.

All welcome. Bring a friend and a plate.

Agora Goes Live (Friday 7th August 2015)

Agora Goes Live

The profits of Café Agora (13b Kent St, Hamilton) are placed back into the local community through their “50 cents a cup” which is donated to a local Charity of the Month.
This month they have chosen Waikato CFFD as the charity for August.

They also have two live musical fund-raising events with a $5 door donation: Friday 7th Aug from 6pm and Friday 28th Aug from 11.30am.

CFFD Update

Hi everyone

It has been a hard time with the loss of a dear friend of ours Nikki McGregor on 12th July. Nikki was amazing and loved the Lord. She made cool cards and raised money for a sponsored child with disabilities in the Philippines. She was looking forward to National Camp, moving house and hydrotherapy. We are missing her very much.

We have arranged for a concert in Nikki’s memory.

Concert Friday 28th August 11.30am at Cafe Agora
featuring Louise Henry and Debbie Shepherd

CFFD Waikato is Cafe Agora’s Charity of the month in August so please let’s try to get ourselves and friends along as each cup of coffee raises 50c for CFFD Waikato.

Cafe Agora, 13 Kent St, Frankton

Agora Goes Live Friday 7th August 6pm is a concert featuring part of the very famous Hamilton Country Bluegrass Band. Again raising money for CFFD Waikato – with each door charge of $5 so PLEASE make sure your friends and churches know about it.

This Saturday 1st August 11am. Meet at Waterworld.
All welcome.

Take a look at our webpage for photos from the service on 6th June and latest updates

Have a great week.

He rama tāu kupu ki ōku wae – Your word is a lamp for my feet – Psalms 119:105
CFFD Waikato

Waikato CFFD Newsletters

Hi everyone,

Welcome to CFFD Waikato in 2015!

We are excited to report that in August we will be Charity of the Month at Cafe Agora, Agora Building 13 Kent Street,Frankton, Hamilton so please get along for all your lunches and coffees at Cafe Agora in August and 50c per coffee will go towards subsiding transport for those who need mobility vans and subsiding National Camp fees!

We have a few events planned this year:

– Saturday June 16th – Service at All Saints

Hydrotherapy sessions at Waterworld Te Rapa:
Saturday 1st August 1pm
Saturday 29th August 1pm
Saturday 19th September 1pm

Agora Goes Live Concert FRIDAY 7th August

Also we are working on a Disability Awareness Sunday at a couple of local churches and possibly horse-riding?!

CFFD Service at All Saints Community Church, Hamilton (Saturday, 6th June 2015)


A Service for CFFD

We are going to have a service for CFFD on Saturday 6th June at 10.30am at All Saints, corner of Sandwich Rd and Cecil St. It would be wonderful to see you there.

We are delighted that Ken Brown speaking. Ken lives in Raglan. He and his wife have been missionaries in Botswana, Southern Africa and have been long-term supporters of CFFD in Auckland.

Louise Henry will perform for us. Louise is a gifted singer who performs regularly and comes recommended by Debbie Shepherd.

Feel free to bring a plate and we will have morning tea after the service.

Please invite others you know whose E-Mail addresses we may not have but who might like to be invited to our service.

Shared Lunch and Meeting

Sunday 22nd February 12.30 at 95 Sandwich Rd, St Andrews (Matti, Cathy and Karen’s house)

Please pray about what God wants for us this year.
Have a read of our minutes from last meeting in September and bring your thoughts.

Joy Ministries keeps growing and will be monthly this year and starts Saturday 21st February 1.30pm at Central Baptist.
Let’s uphold Jeni, Gaylene and team in prayer.

Please let Heather Major know you have seen this and if you are able to come next Sunday.