Wiararapa Joy Ministries Feburary Meeting

Hi there one and all, we pray you are in good health and have had a great rest.  This month we looked at why pray and we will be looking at how and what is prayer over the next two months.

We had a great start to the year with many birthdays.  We also did a craft where you get a pillow case and insert a piece of cardboard inside the pillow case, then with permanent markers you and draw or write on the case.  The cardboard stops the pen from going through the case.  Once finished remove the cardboard and your done.  We recommend you was separately at first, but being permanent markers it should not run.

we have been able to use Spotify at our group for music and dancing, all love it.  Until next time blessings to all.

Cheers Philip, Brenda and the team.

Wairarapa Joy Ministries May Letter

We had a great afternoon of moving by faith, this is in line with our faith theme this year, loads of sharing and one birthday.  We had a special visit from Milly the dog who had a great time with loads of pats and hugs.  Our team are an amazing lot of people who come out even in the coldest and wettest day to make this all happen, thank you God.

Hope that you are all well and thank you for your prayers.  We had prayer time today which was great.

Blessings Philip, Brenda and the team

Joy Ministries Wairarapa Meetings

Hi our next meetings are as follows:


July 27th 2014 at 2.30pm

August 24th 2014 at 20.30pm

September 28th 2014 at 2.30pm

October 26th 2014 at 2.30pm

November 23rd 2014 at 2.30pm

We meet at 117 Ngaumutawa Road, Masterton, contact Phil and Brenda 06 3773125 or 0274945067

Songs to sing

Hi we had a great meeting this month, with loads of sharing and singing, Aaron was in his usual form of helping to song lead, I thought it would be good to pass on some songs that we are learning so here goes.

How We Worship God (tune is  the mulberry bush)

Verse 1

This is the way we pray to God, Pray to God, pray to God,This is the way we pray to God, So early Sunday Morning.

Verse 2:  This is the way we sing to God, Sing to God, sing to God, This is the way we sing to God , So early Sunday morning.

Verse3:  this is the way we clap for God, Clap for God, clap for God, This is the way we clap for God, So early Sunday morning.

Verse 4:   We use these things to worship God, Worship God, worship God, We use these things to worship God, So early Sunday morning.

God Bless

Wairarapa Joy Ministries Team