Di Willis – Co-founder of Elevate Christian Disability Trust

The significance of people with disability is woven throughout Di Willis’ life. Her years in a boarding school for special needs children; working as an Occupational Therapist; meeting Margie Willers (co-founder of Elevate) and Bev Everton (founding member) who both prayed for Di’s salvation, and of course co-founding Elevate Christian Disability Trust. Di’s story will […]


Focusing on what we can do and being grateful, helps us to get on with life despite challenges. This attitude changed James’ life… 


“I began having severe headaches and daily vomiting. I vividly remember I had a sense of God’s presence wrapping Himself around me…”


Manuele encountered God for the first time at an Elevate camp. It was there that he gave his life to Christ.


“I grew up in quite a musical family…I hear the joy that music can bring to people”


It is estimated that some 10,000 babies were abandoned following the Japanese invasion from 1940 to 1955. Jean was found in a shoebox.

She’s Just Like Me

Andrea’s life is busy, like many people’s lives are these days. It’s full with work, family, friends, swimming and fishing.  

Three Feet Below

“My disability was growing up thinking I didn’t have one. In my dreams I was the All Black winger.”