Halswell Quarry 9th February 2019

Ready for the rim walk

Walkers returning

Shade or sun, we had the choice – Michael Devine in foreground

Dave Palmer, Gilda Washbourne, Janice McIvor, Carol, and Liz Cox

Tanya White and others in the shade

? Cheryl, Paula helps Melanie, ? Pat Gardener with her back to the camera.

Paula Couprie, Melanie Berry, Gilda Washbourne and others.

Back: Bruce Catherall, Nigel Greenlees, Kevin Falconer. Front: Pat Gardener, Margaret Palmer-Healey, Brenda McGuinness

Dave leads a time of singing and worship.

We had a glorious day for our February meeting at Halswell Quarry. Roasting temperatures had us gathered under the huge trees, glad of the wonderful shade they offered. After lunch the fit ones went for the rim walk above the quarry, guided by Bruce and Kevin while the rest of us chatted and rested. On return of the walkers Dave led us in a time of worship and prayer, and we finished the day with afternoon tea, the main focus being on the cool drinks. Thank you Lord for a beautiful day.

Christchurch Branch 35th birthday.

At our meeting on October 13th 2018 we celebrated 35 years of our Christchurch branch. Paula organised a huge chocolate cake, and original members of the branch, Christine Haythornthwaite, Gilda Washbourne and Margaret Palmer-Healey jointly cut the cake. Well done to everyone, and to all who have been part of the group over that time. Also at the meeting we had two travel talks. Paula shared with us about her recent trip with her husband, Simon, to Europe and focused on places in East Germany where Martin Luther lived and began the reformation. Because the allied planes could not reach East Germany in the second world war, the buildings associated with Luther are intact and still beautiful.
Dave and Margaret then shared about their recent trip, a brief time in Europe and then longer time in the UK visiting places their forebears came from. Well done to all of you with talks and photos full of interest and meaning.

Meetings 2016

Sharon Reynolds creating her art work.

Margaret Palmer-Healey contributing to the group painting.

Kevin Falconer, Carille Hughes, Ian Butcher contributing

Philip Haythornthwaite and Carille Hughes

The work progresses

Sharon painting

We were privileged to have Sharon Reynolds at our August meeting (13th). Sharon is an artist and while Dave was speaking she painted an amazing picture. She also had a canvas prepared to which everyone was able to contribute. At the next meeting in October Dave brought in the finished pictures for everyone to see.

The finished paintings from the previous meeting

Dave Palmer speaking

Rowena and Robin with their poster

Group work making posters

Rhonda, Ian, and Phillip

Michael, Brenda, Thelsia, and Clynton

October meeting: we met at Papanui Baptist, an amazing venue. Once again Liz ran an activity where we divided into groups and made Christmas posters. A very popular activity, everyone participated with zest and enthusiasm. Thanks Liz.

Day Camp at Kaiapoi, 11th April 2015

This year we chose to have a day camp and it worked well. Vicki again did a superb job of feeding us. Liz ran an activity in the morning for everyone to work in groups creating posters on our camp theme of ‘God is Love’. Some excellent productions were created and displayed.

Time was available in the afternoon for chatting, sharing about God’s love, and walking in the extensive grounds. In the evening the usual talent was on display in the concert.

Well done to all participants. It was a great day.

Addington Fair 22nd November 2014

Our stall at Addington Fair 2014. Dave, Doug, and Liz.

Our stall at Addington Fair 2014. Dave, Doug, and Liz.

Bubble Fun at Addington Fair

Bubble Fun at Addington Fair

Dave, Helen, Kevin ready to go.

Dave, Helen, Kevin ready to go.

Helen, Brent and Brenda at the fair.

Helen, Brent and Brenda at the fair.

Dave and Liz on the stall

Dave and Liz on the stall

In spite of dire weather forecasts, the day was sunny and warm. We had a stall as part of the fair, and enjoyed the day  working together. Thanks to all who contributed goods to sell and all our helpers on the day.

200 Years of the Gospel in New Zealand

Marty Scheib from OAC was guest speaker at our August meeting. With his helper, Penguin the puppet, he shared about fishing for men as instructed by Jesus. He told us about the first missionaries coming to New Zealand two hundred years ago. He also told us the moving story of Tarore and the Gospel of Luke. Thank you, Marty.

Marty with National Anthem Marty holds Kiwi the Penguin puppet Marty leads the singing Marty Scheib and Kiwi the Penguin puppet

Christchurch CFFD : Bus Trip March 2014

We had a beautiful day enjoyed by about 40 from our group. Ritchie’s bus is able to take wheelchairs which made it possible for four of our wheel chair users to participate. We left Christchurch about 10 am, had lunch in the Ashburton Gardens, and enjoyed looking around and seeing the aviaries. On our return journey we took the inland route with a brief stop at Methven. It was very pretty driving through the Rakaia Gorge, and then across the upper Waimakariri River bridge to head back to the main road via South Eyre Road. We returned right on schedule at 5 pm.
Thank you, Lord, for great weather and a safe and enjoyable trip.


Here is a photo gallery from the wonderful time we had together on 8th February. Thank you to everyone who came ūüôā

Christchurch February Meeting at Halswell Domain with train rides : 8th February 2014

February meeting for Christchurch CFFD, photo of people on a  miniature trainWe have booked to go to Model Engineers at Halswell Domain for our February meeting on Saturday 8th February 2014.

Usual time 11.30 am to 3.30 pm,

Bring $4 per person and a plate of food to share for lunch.

Model Engineers will have trains running from 1 pm to 3 pm, so come for as many rides as you want.

Feel free to invite your friends and families to join us. Pray also for a fine day. The club rooms will be available to us, and vehicles will be able to drive to the club rooms.

Photos Gallery from some of events and activities

Here is a photo gallery of some the events and activites that Christchurch CFFD has enjoyed together. Do have our look at our latest Newsletter to see what we are planning.