Disability Awareness Sunday 2020

In New Zealand, Disability Awareness Sunday (DAS) is observed on the third Sunday in June.

It is an opportunity to be intentional about disability awareness but it’s not just about raising awareness. It’s also about celebrating and encouraging people with disabilities in their gifts and ministries.

Often people haven’t had the opportunity to get to know a person living with a disability so it can be difficult to understand or be aware of what life with a disability can be like. We find that the best way to gain a better understanding is to hear from people with disability themselves! Is there someone in your church who has a disability that would be willing to speak in church? If not there are some amazing speakers we could recommend. Sometimes it’s not always practical to have a visiting speaker or you might live in an area where someone isn’t available. That’s way we are creating a collection of stories on film, so you can download and play these in your church, small group, youth group, kids programme or wherever!

Below are some resources we are pleased to have freely available for you to use. Our videos are over in our resource section. Click here to have a look.

Disability Awareness Sunday – June 21st  2020

Made in His Image   

Psalm 139   

Life has looked very different for all of us over the last two months. For many of us it has been a challenging time. We haven’t been able to do the things we normally do or have the freedom we normally do. Some of us have even lost income. During times like this it is important to come back to our foundation in Christ. To remind ourselves of the foundational truths of our Christian faith.  

This Disability Awareness Sunday we are looking at being made in Gods image. This is a core truth of Christianity. All of us bear His image. Each of us has value and worth because we are made in His likeness.  

Perhaps this Disability Awareness Sunday you could interview someone in their church who has a disability. Maybe they could speak on Psalm 139. Maybe they could also share how lockdown has affected them.  

Resources, videos, images and ideas are available below.  

Our Stories – we have a collection of professionally filmed videos of people’s lives and lived experience of disability. These are available for you to show and share. Click here to view them. 

Disability Awareness Service Ideas – this is a booklet we have created with lots of ideas for what you could do on Disability Awareness Sunday. Click here to view it online or download it. 

DAS 2020 Images – we have created a variety of images and backgrounds for you use to promote Disability Awareness Sunday or on the day.

DAS Presentation Slides

DAS Social Media Images

Psalm 139 Videos – our Hamilton Joy Ministries group made a video of people in their group reading out Psalm 139. Reflectors Ministry also has a great video of people with a disability reading out Psalm 139. You might like to show this during your service or perhaps share it on your social media account. Click on the links listed below to view the videos.

Joy Ministries Hamilton video

Reflectors Ministry video


Links to other resources 

Joni and Friends TV Episodes Online

Irresistible Church

NZCN Note on Disability and the Church


 For Disability Awareness Sunday enquires contact Kirsty Anderson our Community and Partnership Coordinator.


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