Overseas CFFD

Philippines Christian Fellowship For Disabled (PCFFD)

PCFFD has been established since 1995 and is located in San Rafael. It is a large complex which houses classrooms for the Deaf, a SPED classroom (Special Education), Occupational and Physical Therapy rooms along with Administration offices and a Seminar room. This purpose built building now has 24 staff working to facilitate the needs of people with disabilities in their community and beyond.

PCFFD run Specialised programmes based from their centre in San Rafael , these include:- SPED
This provides access to basic education among children with special needs. They work with children who have hearing impairment, those with learning disabilities or speech impediments, children with autism and also children with physical disabilities.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

For both Adults and Children with disabilities who need restoration of limbs by physical therapy. There is also an early intervention programme that has been designed to maintain existing mobility for as long as possible and also the prevention of disabilities worsening. The Occupational Therapy programmes work with children with autism and those with behavioural problems.

Sponsorship Programme

The sponsorship programme was structured to assist People with Disabilities (Adults and Children) who needed financial assistance for Livelihood projects and/or Schooling. Those eligible for funding have met the sponsorship programme criteria and are active members of the PCFFD or attending the school. PCFFD currently have 32 children and 14 staff on the sponsorship programme and have 10 children and 2 staff waiting for sponsors.
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Livelihood Projects

Employment assistance is given to people with disabilities and their families to enable them to run Livelihood projects such as Sewing and Pig-raising, equipping people to become self-sufficient and building a future for them and their families.

Yearly Events

PCFFD enjoys many events every year including- Summer Retreat Camp, Social Trips, the annual Christmas Party and of course celebrating National Disability Week and holding Disability Awareness seminars.

If you would like more information about PCFFD, contact the NZ representative, Ruth Beale on (04) 934 6785.
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