We offer a variety of services here at Elevate including

  • Our Audio Library for the Blind, Visual Impaired and Print Disabled to use.
  • Our Encourager magazine, distributed free of charge throughout NZ and around the world.
  • Our National Camp hosted at Totara Springs near Matamata. This is a wonderful place for people with disabilities and their helpers, to be able to share their faith with others, encourage others, make new friendships or rekindle existing ones with like-minded people.
  • Our Seminars and Educational services to the Church and Community, help raise the awareness of people with disabilities and their needs and talents. We also help with some practical tips on how to assist people with disabilities.
  • Our Resources equip people to be able to communicate, assist and develop skills which will enable them to be able to help people with disabilities more effectively.
  • We Loan Equipment to assist people who may find they have a need for a short term situation.