Song Apostles Song (tune Jesus Loves Me)

Verse 1 Jesus called them one by one, Peter, Andrew, James and John Verse 2 Next came Philip, Thomas too, Matthew and Bartholomew. Verse 3 The twelfth Apostle Judas made Jesus was him betrayed. Verse 4 Yes Jesus called them, Yes Jesus called them, Yes Jesus called them, and they followed him     … [Read more...]

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Welcome to the Wellington CFFD Website

Welcome to Wellington CFFD. Based in the Nation’s capital, we have great places of interest and history available for us to visit. We have been established for over 30 years now and are based around the Wellington area. We enjoy encouraging and uplifting people to succeed in whatever God-given gifts and talents they have. With an emphasis on fun and fellowship, we know that you will feel welcome here. We host a regional camp for people with disabilities each year and have regular outings, prayer … [Read more...]

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ARCHIVED: Events for 2014

CFFD Auckland Picnic Saturday 15th February 11am, Auckland Botanic Garden’s, Manurewa Guys Day Out Tenpin Bowling, Saturday 1st March 1pm. See January newsletter for details. Di Willis’ 70th Birthday Saturday 8th March, 7pm City Impact Church, North Shore See January newsletter for details. Disability training day Saturday 3rd May. Time and venue to be confirmed. Anyone is welcome to come along although this is mainly for those who will be coming to the CFFD Auckland camp. CFFD … [Read more...]

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Test Event

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Christmas Dinner 2013

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What is in the Offering?

We have all heard offering calls. This week I had to deal with my own. I had $20 credited to my personal account. That meant I had to tithe $2. But the account it went into charges $2 if you make more than one withdrawal in the month. I just gave $5 from another account. Then I read this week in First Samuel about Eli's two sons and how they stole from the offering that which was theirs but they took it in a wrong manner. God killed both of them in the same day and the family was cursed with no … [Read more...]