Forgiveness is Freedom! ~ Heather Major

‘I – yes, I alone – will blot out your sins for my own sake…” Isaiah 43:25 NLT

In Old Testament days when a man ‘blew it,’ he brought a lamb to the altar as payment for his sins. But notice this: the priest didn’t examine the man, he only examined the lamb. If the lamb met God’s requirements the man was instantly forgiven. That is still how it works! When you fail, you need only approach God and say, ‘Father, I come in the name of Jesus asking for forgiveness.’ In that moment the Father’s focus moves from you to Christ, and you are automatically forgiven. Woah! What an arrangement!

But you need to forgive yourself too. If you don’t, you’re saying God’s forgiveness isn’t good enough. That’s wrong! If a perfect God says he will forgive you, on what grounds do you, an imperfect person, refuse to forgive someone else – or yourself?

‘You get nothing for nothing,’ you say. Nothing? Are you serious? God’s forgiveness is the most expensive thing in the world. It may have cost you nothing, but it cost God everything. Its pride that makes us think that somehow we’ve got to pay, at least in part, for what we’ve done. Yes, there are consequences and correction that build your character – but don’t think that’s what deals with your sin!

So what now? When Jesus cried, ‘It is finished,’ and died, God wrote, ‘paid in full’ across every sin debt you’d ever owe. And you must accept that by faith. Why? Because no more will ever be required, and no less will ever be accepted! Forgive – others and yourself. Be. Set. Free!


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Trust ~ by Toria Newman

God will make our paths straight : photo of a pathway in a forestIn Proverbs 3:5-7, the writer tells us to “Trust in The Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths”. Daniel understood this very well. In Daniel 1, the story is told of how Daniel and his three friends had been captured by King Nebuchadnezzar and taken to Babylon. A eunuch is assigned to Daniel to instruct him in all the literature and the language of the Chaldeans, and to feed him up with the best food from the king’s table. But Daniel did not want to be associated with the wealth and benefits of the wicked king. So he told the eunuch to take the food away and bring him just vegetables and water. The eunuch told Daniel that he was afraid of the King and he feared that if Daniel lost weight, he would be punished by the King. But Daniel encouraged the eunuch to let him try it for ten days. The Bible says that God gave Daniel favour. He and his three friends were the top students in Chaldean literature and language and they all flourished on the diet of vegetables and water.

Daniel was faithful to God and trusted Him to take care of him in a difficult situation. We all experience difficult situations that cause us distress. But if we are prepared to turn that situation over to God like Daniel did, then we can be confident that only good will be the result, because what God has promised, he will do.