Wairarapa Joy Ministries Monthly Newsletter

Sunday the 27th July 2014.

Hi everyone, it has been a very busy month for everyone in our small group, although the day was cold and wet we turned out to praise, worship and share.  Communion was done by Philip who talked about who we have that lives in our hearts and brings us loads of joy (Jesus) was the big reply,

The story was given by Hazel who talked about the joy of the journey with Jesus.  There was loads of sharing about going away for aq holiday, birthdays, and qualifying as a people saver, so cool,

Please pray for those of our group are sick at the moment with winter and aging illnesses.

There was great singing and musical making .

We have a wall for our displays at our church and Joy Ministries has their own space, last month we put up a traffic sign and are now working on each light for the next three months,  I have put a photo up for you to see.126

Fantastic afternoon with a great afternoon tea to finish

Next Meeting is the 24th August 2014

Blessings Wairarapa Joy Team