Our resource Centre has information available that will assist in whatever capacity you are involved in with people with disabilities. Whether it is in the area of practical application or providing teaching of Christian principles and growth, there are many topics to choose from.

Resources are organised in two ways: by type (from the second menu bar above) or by theme (from the links on the right).

We facilitate training here at the Centre for new helpers/carers who may be coming to one of our camps for the first time or, perhaps just want to be more aware of the needs a person with disabilities may have and how they can help. Booklets teaching about how to help people with disabilities and other print resources are available through this link. (Opens in a new tab).

We also have a range of books available, written by various people within the ministry. Poems, stories and anecdotes provide for great reading and inspiration.

The latest (and earlier) issues of our “Encourager” magazine are available in  PDF and audio files on this web site.  You can also go onto our free mailing list to receive the latest issue posted out to you. In addition, or instead of that, you can ask to be advised when the latest issue is on this web site to download. Click this link (opens in a new tab) to find out more.

If you have a vision impairment, you may wish to utilize our library resources. We have Audio, CD, MP3 and Daisy formats available. Click this link (opens in a new tab) to find out more.

We also have teaching resources available to encourage and grow people in their walk with God.

We conduct church services throughout the year in many parts of NZ. Seeking to equip and educate the body of Christ our aim is to bring awareness to the congregation of the value of people with disabilities within the church and how they might contribute to the mission God has all called us to do.