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Below are a number of resources that you can download or read online. If you would like to request a print copy of any of these resources please fill in the form below. The fields will appear after you select “yes”. We have some of them available in other languages.

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The pdf documents are displayed in a google document viewer, this loads quickly across most browsers and allows a person who does not have the latest browser add-ons to read the document, but it does NOT display the graphics and photos well. Please click the DOWNLOAD to view the whole document properly.

Beyond Disability: The unique role of the Church

A collection of testimonies to help churches welcome and include people with disabilities and their families.

Supporting People with Disabilities

This booklet will help to equip you to support people with disabilities to reach their God given potential.

Skits and Dramas

The Aim of this Booklet is to to share with you a number of skits and dramas, which we have found to be most effective in getting across a message.

Personal Cares – Caring for someone with a disability

Helping someone with a disability can feel like a scary thing! If you do feel scared, you are not alone! Don’t worry. This booklet will help.

People with Intellectual Disabilities can change YOU

Perhaps consider if God is calling you to serve in Joy Ministries

Helpers Guide – Helping People with Disabilities

A guide for those wanting to help.

Communicating with People with Disabilities

A informational booklet to help with communication.  

Disability Awareness Sunday

A booklet with some ideas you might find helpful.