Giving Gifts Glorifies God

The EncouragerSometimes we think too easily about our inabilities, when actually God has given us so many abilities and gifts. If we leave them on the shelf we are not glorifying God. By taking them down and putting them to use we give Him praise. When we use our gifts we honour God, the One who gave us the gifts in the first place.

Two young women at a cafe chatting and laughing

It is so easy to think that we don’t have any gifts or talents, but God has given everyone some gifts. But before using them you need first to identify them. Don’t expect to be good at what your neighbour is. The Bible says that the head cannot say to the foot, “I have no need of you.” (see 1 Cor. 12:21) Different parts work together in different ways for the operation of the body. Just what is it that you enjoy doing?

The number of gifts is endless. Take, for example, the gift of encouragement. You can call someone up and lift their spirits by saying something nice to them. Even by just smiling at someone you can make another person feel better. Encouragement is a significant gift. Then there’s the gift of hospitality. Maybe you can invite someone over for lunch or coffee. Or you can ask someone out to a cafe. That’s a fun way to serve God.

The gift of prayer is essential to the body of Christ. Pray for your family and friends, for your church and your country’s leaders. Prayer is dialogue with God and really matters.

Two men sitting at a cafe. One of the men are playing a ukulele..

The gift of helping finds expression in so many ways. You can offer a person a ride. You can become a friend to a lonely person. Or you can teach Sunday School. Serve the Lord by serving others.

The gift of music is a lovely way to share the love of Christ. If you can play an instrument you can share your talent in a praise group. Or if you can sing you can join the church choir. And people are always needed to help with the sound system.

Two men, one of which has Down syndrome, sitting at the park talking



And then there’s the gift of listening. Often people in need are not looking for advice–they just need someone to be there and listen. In this way you show another person that she or he matters.

These are only a few of the innumerable ways you can share your talents and abilities. You can do so many things. Take your gifts off the shelf and start honouring God with all that He has given you!


Written by Carol Westerlund


Carol Westerlund is an author and journalist, living in Finland. Her writing is influenced by her faith and living with epilepsy.



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