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Although we know God only wants what is best for us, have you ever been surprised by His work and plan?

Kevin Park speaking at the front of church

I became a Christian in 2011 and have understood my relationship with God well. However, God and His work are still my constant pursuit. His knowledge even cannot compare with ours. Therefore, I have been surprised by God’s work in me and His plan for my life.

God’s prompting me to be a Christian writer started when I read online devotionals for self-interest. One of my friends used to send online devotionals to those interested in reading them by email. Reading devotionals motivated me to write devotionals to encourage others spiritually. At first, I thought writing devotionals would become my hobby.

The EncouragerHowever, I noticed promptings of the Holy Spirit each time I wrote devotionals for others. Due to this, I realised becoming a Christian writer has been God’s call on my life. Until I became a student at Carey Baptist College, I think I wrote more than 400 devotionals. Then, I became a Press Service International columnist. Since I didn’t have time to write both a devotional and an article because of my studies at Carey Baptist College, I had to quit one. Although I love my writing ministries, I stopped writing devotionals.

I had written devotionals for over five years, so I thought it was an appropriate time to leave my ministry of devotional writing. I wanted to develop new writing styles as I desire to write Christian books in future.

Since I have a speech impediment, my writing ministry motivated me to write testimonies of my life with God and share these with churches by playing these through the ‘Text to Speech’ application on my iPad. This led me to become a testimony speaker at Waiheke Island Baptist Church.

As a testimony speaker, I aim to link testimonies with the following sermons. Although I now share testimonies of mine related to the church themes at Waiheke Island Baptist, I long to share testimonies of the church theme with other churches as well.

I am also a YouVersion Bible plan leader. As an YouVersion Bible plan leader, I make a space for Waiheke Island Baptist Church community to do life and faith together through Bible plans in YouVersion Bible application. YouVersion allows people to discuss Bible plans together through the ‘Talk it Over’ section of the Bible plans.

God’s prompting me to be a Christian writer started when I read online devotionals for self-interest…

Sharing theological knowledge with stories probably is one of the most effective ways to disciple one another in God’s Word. Jesus used parables to connect His disciples with the knowledge of God’s Kingdom.

Overall, my passion for writing and sharing my testimonies is founded on the good news of Jesus Christ. We experience spiritual death because of our ignorance of the Creator and Sovereign God. However, Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross on behalf of us and rose three days later. Thus, we have been able to surrender our old lives and have a newness of life in Christ.

Therefore, I desire everyone to realise how marvellous the good news of Christ is so that everyone can worship the Lord Jesus Christ in complete unity. If this happens, there would be no more quarrelling, crying, mourning and pain. Instead, there would be an everlasting peace of God in full effect of the message of reconciliation.

By Kevin Park

Kevin Park is studying at Carey Baptist College and finds that Christian-writing is God’s calling on his life. He writes articles for Press Service International and he lives with Cerebral Palsy.





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