Helping Churches

Our vision is to see all people, including people with a disability, living out their full potential in Jesus Christ, through the local church community.

The church has a unique role in the lives of people and their families. People of various generations and ethnicities, and who vary widely in life experiences, interests and abilities. This diversity brings richness to our churches. However, differences can sometimes be misunderstood. This can be particularly so when it comes to how people who have a disability are viewed.

ELEVATE Christian Disability Trust is privileged to come alongside churches as they learn how to embrace members of their congregation who experience disability. We would love to assist and support your church wherever you are at on this journey.

Although every church is unique we have found that the following is helpful for many churches.


There is a wealth of knowledge and experience amongst our teams across New Zealand. We are available to discuss specific situations, offer advice and provide suggestions. You can phone during office hours to discuss, send an email or visit the centre.

Guest Speakers

In some areas of New Zealand we may be able to arrange an experienced speaker to share their testimony or to speak on a topic related to disability. This can be at a main church service, youth group or small group.

Host a Service

We are also available to assist with running disability awareness services. In some areas of New Zealand we may be able to arrange a team to run an individually tailored service to raise awareness of how a church can welcome, support and include those with a disability.This is an excellent way to educate people in a church about the importance of inclusion.


Throughout the year we hold periodical seminars and workshops. Currently these are predominately in Auckland. Our annual helper seminar includes personal experiences of disability, educates on biblical perspective of disability, and teaches practical ways to assist and communicate.


We have a wide range of resources available to assist in whatever capacity you are involved in with people with disabilities. Whether it is in the area of practical application or providing teaching of Christian principles and growth, there are many topics to choose from.

Also check our Resource Page.

Video encouraging churches to include and support those with various disabilities.
Contains interviews from Eden AOG church, which has a heart for all people.