Wiararapa Joy Ministries Feburary Meeting

Hi there one and all, we pray you are in good health and have had a great rest.  This month we looked at why pray and we will be looking at how and what is prayer over the next two months.

We had a great start to the year with many birthdays.  We also did a craft where you get a pillow case and insert a piece of cardboard inside the pillow case, then with permanent markers you and draw or write on the case.  The cardboard stops the pen from going through the case.  Once finished remove the cardboard and your done.  We recommend you was separately at first, but being permanent markers it should not run.

we have been able to use Spotify at our group for music and dancing, all love it.  Until next time blessings to all.

Cheers Philip, Brenda and the team.

Wairarapa Joy Ministries May Letter

We had a great afternoon of moving by faith, this is in line with our faith theme this year, loads of sharing and one birthday.  We had a special visit from Milly the dog who had a great time with loads of pats and hugs.  Our team are an amazing lot of people who come out even in the coldest and wettest day to make this all happen, thank you God.

Hope that you are all well and thank you for your prayers.  We had prayer time today which was great.

Blessings Philip, Brenda and the team

Wairarapa Joy Ministries

Greetings, it has been a busy time we have combined April and May’s meetings together as quite a few of our lovelies are going to be away, and Philip and I finally get to go to Auckland with our daughter for 8 days to see the newest addition to our growing family – can’t wait.

We had a great meeting with the focus on Easter with colouring in and an Easter treat to take home.

There was great sharing time and loads of laughs and fun to be had.  Looking forward to June meeting when we hope to have a dance afternoon.  The theme we are using this year is Faith and how this is part of our spiritual life.  So June is moving by Faith.

We pray that you are well and are getting some rest before the winter arrives.


Blessings The Wairarapa Team

Wairarapa Joy Ministries Newsletter

Mini Booklet on Courage

Hi to all and we hope that you are doing ok.  Thank you for all your prayers, please pray for our guys and their families as some of them are suffering from continued illness and some are having a very busy time with family.

This month we are looking at MEETING THE JEDI:  These are the Major Prophets: Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Isaiah.

Please find attached a hand out that we gave as reminder of. courage.  We had a great time with songs, some new and sharing, with a great story on Daniel and communion.  Birthdays were celebrated and Special Birthday wishes to Philip Morgan as he turned the big 60.

I hope to load some new songs for all shortly.  God Bless and May God Keep You All



joy ministries wall 2014The Caption for this was Do You Know His Name:  We have a wall that we can put up displays of what we are learning, bit like a giant bulletin board.

Hi everyone, sorry we missed you last month, but things here have been really busy, This month was our last one for the year as we try to give all our helpers a big break until February next year.  We had a wonderful turn out and there were quite a few birthdays.  There were Christmas presents for all and a wonderful afternoon tea to be had.  The message was about Christ and why he was born and where he was born, and communion was along the same lines.

We sang Christmas songs and there was loads of sharing news and things.  We want to thank all those who pray for us and ask that you continue to do so as some of our folk are sick at the moment and one has had teeth out and another is about to have a tooth out, a couple have been or are going into hospital for day surgery.

A big thank you to all our helpers without you Joy Ministries would not work or be in existence

So from all of us here in the Wairarapa we Wish You A Happy Christmas and a Joyful New Year.


God Bless All the team.

August Newsletter

rainHi to one and all, we hope that you are all in good health and staying warm, we have had some very chilly nights down to -5 degrees and lots of rain. This gratefully has not deterred everyone from coming out in the cold to celebrate Jesus and have some great fellowship.

There was lots of sharing from new recipes in cook books that some are developing through our local Ideal Services Day base to getting a new tablet and spending the afternoon photographing everyone.

Please pray for those that are suffering from winter and general illness, praise God we have been  spared most of it in our house.

Communion again was about who and what communion stands for, while story time was firstly a skit about building King David’s Palace and how he could not do it alone and needed not only God’s help but the help of others. This was a lesson in sharing our talents and gifts that God has given us all and how he uses us to use them everyday in some special way.

We learnt a new song today which I have posted and has a very easy tune.


We ask God  to bless  you all, and will sign off for now

God Bless

Wairarapa Joy Ministries Team



Song Baby Jesus (tune Brother John)


Baby Jesus, baby Jesus

Please don’t cry, please don’t cry

Don’t you know I love you, don’t you know I love you

Yes we do, yes we do.


Baby Jesus, baby Jesus,

Look who’s here, look who’s here

A Shepard come to praise you, a Shepard come to praise you,

With his lambs, with his lambs.



Baby Jesus, baby Jesus,

Look who’s here, look who’s here.

A king with lots of presents,  A king with lots of presents,

Just for you, just for you.


Baby Jesus, baby jesus

Listen now, listen now,

Angel voices singing, Angel voices singing,

We love you, Yes we do.

Song I’m a Little vessel (tune I’m a little Teapot)


I’m a little vessel for the Lord,

God is my light, his word is my sword.

Whenever he needs me, hear me shout,

Tip me over pour me out.

Song Trees are Lovely (tune Jesus Loves Me)


Tree’s are lovely, yes they are

They are made of leaves and bark, They are big and they are tall,

and they make feel very small.



Yes tree’s are lovely, yes tree’s are lovely

Yes tree’s are lovely and God made them all

Wairarapa Joy Ministries Monthly Newsletter

Sunday the 27th July 2014.

Hi everyone, it has been a very busy month for everyone in our small group, although the day was cold and wet we turned out to praise, worship and share.  Communion was done by Philip who talked about who we have that lives in our hearts and brings us loads of joy (Jesus) was the big reply,

The story was given by Hazel who talked about the joy of the journey with Jesus.  There was loads of sharing about going away for aq holiday, birthdays, and qualifying as a people saver, so cool,

Please pray for those of our group are sick at the moment with winter and aging illnesses.

There was great singing and musical making .

We have a wall for our displays at our church and Joy Ministries has their own space, last month we put up a traffic sign and are now working on each light for the next three months,  I have put a photo up for you to see.126

Fantastic afternoon with a great afternoon tea to finish

Next Meeting is the 24th August 2014

Blessings Wairarapa Joy Team