Volunteer Spotlight: Kayla

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My name is Kayla. I go to Connect Baptist in Auckland. I attend the youth group there and I am learning Te Reo with some other people from my church.

A photo of Kayla smiling outsideI first heard about Elevate camps from my friend Julia, who asked me if I wanted to come to the first Elevate Family Camp. I’ve volunteered at all the Elevate Family Camps, except for the Nelson one this year. I’ve also volunteered at the last Elevate National Camp and I’m looking forward to this year’s one.

Being a volunteer is something I enjoy doing. You get to meet people and make new friends. Because it’s a smaller camp you can easily get to know people. I keep in touch with some of the volunteers and families I have met.

I have always liked helping people, even in school I would run up to people in wheelchairs to offer to help. Helping people who can’t do things is something that motivates me to volunteer. I can relate to that as I have special needs myself.

Elevate Family Camp is a fun and accepting environment. No one judges you. If someone told me they were thinking of volunteering at an Elevate camp I would say ‘It’s amazing! You have fun and meet great people. Try it!’



Get involved!

How can you be involved with Elevate?

There are many ways that you can become involved
with Elevate Christian Disability Trust.

Prayer – Pray for the ministry, the people, the provision, the opportunities!

Promotion – Let others know about us! Give The Encourager magazine to someone who needs it today. Like and share our different Facebook pages and posts. Read our blog articles and share them with your church, friends and whānau.

Practical – Come and volunteer at the Drop-in centre, regional branches, national or regional camps or at the national support office in Onehunga.

Provision – by donation, automatic payment, sponsorship, bequest, or through goods and services.

Contact us at info@elevate.org.nz to find out more
or to register your skills/abilities so we can link you
in to our next suitable project or event. Also, get in
contact to find out where we have regional branches
around New Zealand.

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