Halswell Quarry 9th February 2019

Ready for the rim walk

Walkers returning

Shade or sun, we had the choice – Michael Devine in foreground

Dave Palmer, Gilda Washbourne, Janice McIvor, Carol, and Liz Cox

Tanya White and others in the shade

? Cheryl, Paula helps Melanie, ? Pat Gardener with her back to the camera.

Paula Couprie, Melanie Berry, Gilda Washbourne and others.

Back: Bruce Catherall, Nigel Greenlees, Kevin Falconer. Front: Pat Gardener, Margaret Palmer-Healey, Brenda McGuinness

Dave leads a time of singing and worship.

We had a glorious day for our February meeting at Halswell Quarry. Roasting temperatures had us gathered under the huge trees, glad of the wonderful shade they offered. After lunch the fit ones went for the rim walk above the quarry, guided by Bruce and Kevin while the rest of us chatted and rested. On return of the walkers Dave led us in a time of worship and prayer, and we finished the day with afternoon tea, the main focus being on the cool drinks. Thank you Lord for a beautiful day.

Christchurch Branch 35th birthday.

At our meeting on October 13th 2018 we celebrated 35 years of our Christchurch branch. Paula organised a huge chocolate cake, and original members of the branch, Christine Haythornthwaite, Gilda Washbourne and Margaret Palmer-Healey jointly cut the cake. Well done to everyone, and to all who have been part of the group over that time. Also at the meeting we had two travel talks. Paula shared with us about her recent trip with her husband, Simon, to Europe and focused on places in East Germany where Martin Luther lived and began the reformation. Because the allied planes could not reach East Germany in the second world war, the buildings associated with Luther are intact and still beautiful.
Dave and Margaret then shared about their recent trip, a brief time in Europe and then longer time in the UK visiting places their forebears came from. Well done to all of you with talks and photos full of interest and meaning.

Day Camp 13 April 2019

Ready to watch the dancing

Ready to roll

On the floor

Bethany and Kathryn leading the dance

Bethany and Kathryn worshipping

Time to relax in the sun

Dawn concentrating on colouring

Denise proud of her artwork

Pat talks with Tanya

Leanne Minchington

Phil Stedman shares William’s journey

Carille and Leanne join in the dance

Michael, Liz, Pat and Brenda

What a wonderful day we had for our day camp in 2019. We met at the St. Albans Reformed church, and retired minister, Dirk van Garderen spoke to us in the morning and led communion. Members excelled themselves by bringing delicious food for a bring and share lunch in the roomy facility. A relaxed time followed with time to sit in the sun outside and natter.
First up for our afternoon program we were blessed to have Kathryn Highley and her daughter, Bethany, from Rangiora sharing with us by dancing to Emmanuel and Days of Elijah. Absolutely beautiful. Then Kathryn had all those who were able up on the floor for some simple dance routines; wonderful.
After a relaxed time for afternoon tea we had Phil Stedman, Pastor of Riccarton Community Church, share with us about his son William (who has slight cerebal palsy), and his journey towards gaining bronze and silver medals in the Paralympics. William is still only 19 years old. He was not able to come in person as he had a commitment in Wellington. With a fun presentation and several video clips, Phil was able to share William’s progress and how he honors God in all he does.
After a delicious tea prepared by Paula, Brenda and helpers, a fun concert rounded out the day. Thank you Lord for a special time, thank you helpers, and thank you to everyone who came and made it a great day.

Marvellous Creation

Emeritus Professor Murray McEwan was our speaker on August 11th 2019. Murray shared with us about his academic life at Canterbury University interspersed with time in Canada and USA joining in research in such fields as Experimental Space Science; Atmospheric and Space Physics; and time at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Murray was well placed to share with us about creation from Genesis chapter 1. Through a brilliant power point presentation he could show how unique and special the earth is in the midst of our vast universe. It was good to see several visitors and potential new members. We missed our usual members who were not there through sickness, may God bring healing and peace to you all.

Pizza, Prayer and Praise – Monday 21st September 2020

These photos are from our latest CFFD pizza prayer and praise evening last month.
We had a wonderful time sharing fellowship and praising God together.
If you’d like to join us we meet at 6.30pm on the 3rd Monday of each month.
Our next meeting is 6.30pm Monday the 19th October.
Location: 131 Vivian St, New Plymouth (Blind Low Vision NZ building).
Contact Richard West for details at flourishwest@gmail.com .

Day Camp Speaker 2019

Day Camp message 13 April, 2019

Retired Reformed Church minister, Dirk van Garderen, spoke about Amazing Grace when Jesus presented himself in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, knowing he was going there to die for us. He rode in on a donkey to symbolise bringing peace, not the warrior attitude of riding on a horse, but his peace was rejected and he was crucified. Come to me all you who labour, and I will give you rest, Jesus taught. Because of his death and resurrection, we can have peace and rest.

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