Margie Willers – From Pain to Pearls

Please note that since this article was written Margie has passed away. We are deeply grateful for all she gave to this ministry and to the Kingdom of God. Sitting with Margie in a Care Home in Mt Maunganui I am deeply moved. The co-founder of CFFD (now Elevate Christian Disability Trust) is completely bedbound, […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Heather Major

I have been involved with CFFD Waikato since the lovely late Edith Morris and her husband Noel hosted a hui* at their house in February 2012 with Di and Hugh about CFFD Waikato being resurrected. The group had been in recess for 10 years as I recall and Athaline Morris (no relation) was the previous […]

Too Busy to Rest?

If you’re constantly driven by ‘what needs to be done’, you’ll burn out, and fail to do what God has assigned you to do. So here are some practical suggestions for pacing yourself: CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS. The Bible says that it’s not smart to stuff yourself with too many sweets (Proverbs 25:27). You wouldn’t […]

The “Blessed” Man and Woman

Dr Bob Grass wrote this, printed in “The Word for Today” for Sunday 24th March 2013: Here’s a key (in the Bible) to being blessed: “BLESSED is the man who WALKS not in the counsel of the ungodly… But his DELIGHT is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he MEDITATES day […]

The 10 Commandments

Monthly Central/West Auckland Joy Ministries service. How are you getting on remembering them, and which NUMBER goes with which COMMANDMENT? Maybe there is a fun way to remember them – a song, a poem, actions, a story perhaps? Did you notice that? That these “Ten Commandments” can be divided into 2 groups – our relationship […]

What is in the Offering?

We have all heard offering calls. This week I had to deal with my own. I had $20 credited to my personal account. That meant I had to tithe $2. But the account it went into charges $2 if you make more than one withdrawal in the month. I just gave $5 from another account. […]


I have a word from God for you. It is one that Paul spoke to Titus to tell his people and I believe it is good for us as well. Paul said “remind them”. So I am reminding you. We are to be: Subject to rulers and authorities. You will know who is in authority […]